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WordPress SEO London & Surrey.

Here at Cude Design, our mission is simple: make your website rank better within organic search results while providing a straightforward strategy that will work for you and ensure your website is found and seen on Google.

Improve Your Ranking

Making SEO Easy To Understand.

Free SEO Website Report
SEO Audit & SEO Strategy

We use cutting-edge SEO tools to analyze your industry, website (if you have one), and your competitors. This lets us gain valuable insight into which keywords to target and optimize your website for peak search engine performance.

On-Page SEO

As search engine competition skyrockets, on-page SEO becomes increasingly important. You need a tight content strategy to beat the competition, so after the SEO audit, we’ll help you take the important next step of optimising the content on your website.

eCommerce SEO Services

eCommerce is a different ball game, and our SEO team is here to ensure you come out on top. If you sell through your website, we’ll help you maximise those sales with a comprehensive eCommerce SEO strategy.

Link Building

Your site may be better than your competitors, but you won’t gain any traction if no one knows. Off-page SEO is about getting referrals from other trusted sites through links and mentions so that search engines know you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Search Engine Results

eCommerce Website Case Study – 3 Months Compared – 2024 to 2023

SEO Campaign Results


Increase In Website Visitors Quaterly.


Quarterly Search Volume Increase.


Annual Increase of Sales.

Free SEO Consultation

Our Free SEO Report comprehensively analyses your website's health, focusing on search engine optimisation, off-page optimisation, and digital marketing strategies.

This service reviews vital metrics, including keyword usage, meta descriptions, backlinks, and site structure. It aims to optimise your website's visibility and ranking in search results, thereby enhancing its overall digital presence and performance.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

Our local SEO service tailors your website to attract potential customers in your area. By ensuring your site is search engine optimised for a targeted locality, we enhance your visibility among local customers.

This focus on organic SEO boosts your online presence and connects your local business with relevant audiences, driving growth and fostering community engagement.

Client Success Stories

Jackie PenticostPeaches & Calm

The process was highly collaborative and they were very responsive to changes and questions. The whole process was very smooth and the end result was very professional. Highly recommend.

Arame LyQuick Commerce

It's been a pleasure working with the Cude design team. They are always fast to respond, and keen to assists wherever we need help. The project process was really smooth,

Sam LutostanskiWPJ Heating

A great structured design process and superb Wordpress skills to build the new website. Every request we had was delivered well and the team working on our site certainly new their stuff!

Eve ColeHome Insurance Website

We have been incredibly impressed with Cude Design. The website that they created was made to a high standard and provided excellent value, great customer service, efficient website build plan and timescales given.

Sam WaltersFore-View

The Cude Design team have been fantastic to deal with. They have produced a website and marketing material that we are very impressed with and all to budget and agreed timeline. Would highly recommend.

Scott MacdonaldHappy Hemper

Cude Design have been an invaluable part of getting my business off the ground. Very knowledgable and nothings been too much of a bother and the finished product has exceeded our expectations! Great customer service and patience!

SEO Company London

Boost your online presence with our expert SEO services designed specifically for London businesses.

SEO Experts Manchester

Elevate your Manchester business with our tailored SEO marketing agency that will help improve your online visibility and drive traffic to your website.

SEO Specialists Birmingham

Amplify your Birmingham business’s online presence with our bespoke search engine optimization services, designed to increase your website’s visibility and traffic.

Website Optimisation Leeds

Revamp your Leeds business’s online presence with our expert SEO services, tailored to improve your website’s visibility and drive targeted traffic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does SEO Take To Get My Website To Page 1?

Search engine optimisation can be an excellent tool to improve your visibility and website traffic. It may take 6-9 months of dedication, but you could find yourself on page 1 of Google with the right keyword choices and budget to create search-optimised content.

No SEO company can provide a 100% guarantee on results – nothing is set in stone due to new algorithm updates being released regularly by Google. This is an essential factor to consider when proceeding with local SEO campaigns and the ever-changing landscape of search engines.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Unlocking your website’s true potential starts with SEO. To reach the first page of Google, you’ll need to consider the competitiveness of your target keywords and a realistic timeline for chasing top results. A thorough website health check should be undertaken before starting monthly services that will boost your domain name strength.

A campaign with an SEO agency should be maintained and nurtured over at least six to nine months if you want steady results and an improvement in organic traffic. The costs can vary widely between SEO companies, as can the results!

On average, you should expect to pay a minimum of £1,500 per month for an SEO expert.

Is There An Ongoing Contract?

Taking a break from SEO may feel tempting when you see the results, but we recommend taking the long-term approach and sticking with it for 6 – 9 months. That way, your hard work will start to pay off.

We’ve designed our SEO packages every month, so should you ever decide that now isn’t quite right for ongoing SEO services, there’s no pressure – give us 30 days’ notice before cancellation.

Once I Reach Page 1, Can The SEO Work Stop?

SEO clients often ask us if the work stops when you rank number 1. Unfortunately, SEO is like going to the gym – you can’t just make a few changes and expect long-term results. It’s not an easy challenge, but if you keep working at it, your website will reach its website rank goal.

You’ll be competing with everyone else in town striving for that top spot on Google, so remember: maintaining (and surpassing!) those search engine rankings takes effort – don’t let all your hard work go to waste. By consistently improving your website with the help of an SEO agency, the ranking of your website will improve on local search results.

Do you offer a link-building service?

Good backlinks are essential to search engine optimisation success; guest blogging can be a great way to do this. We specialise in helping you create high-quality posts that link back to your site so you can get the most out of your search engine optimization strategies.

Let us help maximise the potential reach of your website by connecting with prospective partners who will showcase and improve your website’s ranking.

Do You Optimise For Other Search Engines?

Like most SEO agencies, we’re all about Google, but it could be Bing soon. Chat GPT is a fresh addition to their search capabilities, and with voice-based searches like Amazon Alexa becoming more prevalent – our optimization strategies may also have to shift shortly.

Do You Work With Google Ads?

At our SEO agency, we specialise in search engine optimisation rather than directly managing Google Ads. However, our expert keyword research can significantly complement your Google Adwords campaign, especially if you collaborate with one of our experienced partners.

Combining SEO insights and Google Ads management can amplify your advertising success. Learn more about our approach and partner collaborations at Cude Design PPC Agency.

Is Local SEO Essential?

Local SEO is crucial for businesses focusing on a local clientele. Tailoring your SEO campaign to your area ensures you connect with the right audience. Global traffic is less relevant if your services cater to a local market. Effective local SEO involves careful keyword research and strategies that appeal to search engines, specifically targeting your community.

For businesses seeking organic SEO solutions in Surrey or WordPress SEO expertise in London, Cude Design offers specialised services. As a Surrey SEO agency, we deeply understand the local market dynamics, ensuring your SEO efforts are precise and effective.

If you’re looking for SEO services in Surrey or WordPress SEO in London, please get in touch. Cude Design is a local SEO agency in Surrey, so we deeply understand the market.

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