Revolutionising Whisky Investment Through Tokenisation

Whisky River Fund offers an innovative approach to whisky cask investment through NFTs and tokenization. The website features a unique NFT marketplace, integrating with OpenSea for seamless trading. We provided comprehensive branding and design for the site, which beautifully captures the essence of whisky cask investment as a long-term opportunity.

With smart contract development and MetaMask integration, users can easily invest and trade in tokenized whisky casks. The site also includes AI-generated imagery, enhancing its appeal and user engagement. This project marks a significant step into the evolving world of digital assets and blockchain technology.


Whisky River Fund

What We Did

NFT Marketplace Development

The Whisky River branding elegantly combines a palette of Midnight Black (#08080A), Whisky Gold (#9B8654), and Highland Green (#487A5B). Midnight Black provides a sophisticated backdrop, accentuating the richness of Whisky Gold, which mirrors the warm tones of aged whisky.

Highland Green adds depth with its earthy, natural hues, reminiscent of whisky’s heritage. This harmonious blend of colors captures the essence of tradition and luxury on the website, perfectly reflecting the theme of whisky investment in the modern, digital era.

Midnight Black


Whisky Gold


Highland Green


Whisky River Fund - NFT Marketplace Development