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Our web design agency had the privilege of working with Hempen Organic, a not-for-profit worker’s co-operative that cultivates hemp in a holistic, ethical, and regenerative way. Our task was to design a website that reflects the company’s values and promotes their mission of enhancing the health of people, communities, and the land through the co-operative cultivation of hemp solutions.

The website we created for Hempen Organic is designed with a clean and minimalist aesthetic that emphasizes the natural beauty of the hemp plant. The homepage features a hero image of a lush hemp field that immediately captures the visitor’s attention and conveys the company’s commitment to sustainable agriculture.

The website’s navigation is intuitive and easy to use, allowing visitors to quickly find information about the company, their products, and their mission. We designed the site with accessibility in mind, making it easy for people of all abilities to access and navigate.

To showcase Hempen Organic’s products, we created a dedicated product page that features high-quality images and detailed descriptions of their hemp-based goods. We also included a blog section where the company can share news, insights, and updates about their work and the hemp industry in general.

Throughout the website, we used a color palette of earthy tones and natural hues that reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability and organic farming practices. The typography is simple and easy to read, making it effortless for visitors to consume the content on the site.


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