A Harmonious Blend of Branding and Dynamic Web Design

For ForeView’s website, we developed a comprehensive branding package and an engaging web presence.

The site features a modern, professional look with a clean layout, reflecting the newly designed logo, colour scheme, and font family. These branding elements are consistently applied across the website for a cohesive visual identity.

A standout feature is the hero section with a looped video to showcase ForeView’s services vividly. Built on WordPress, the website offers robust functionality and responsive design, ensuring an optimal user experience while maintaining the brand’s professional image.



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Branding, Bespoke Design, WordPress, SEO

The branding for ForeView utilises a thoughtfully chosen color palette that balances strength and approachability. The deep charcoal (#1c2128) anchors the design with sophistication and versatility, perfect for text and backgrounds to make other elements pop. The burnt orange (#da5315) injects energy and warmth, drawing attention to key features and calls to action.

Complementing these is the soft, calming pastel blue (#dfe6fa), which adds a soothing and modern touch. Together, these colors create a harmonious blend, enhancing the website’s visual appeal and reinforcing ForeView’s professional yet approachable brand image.

Deep Charcoal


Burnt Orange


Pastel Blue


Fore-View Website - Home Page