Female Wellbeing WooCommerce Store Built For Facebook Ads

By Gaia supports feminine wellbeing and health through the support of all-natural products. With a wide range of femcare and wellbeing products, the female-positive branding and clear messaging communicate a commitment to women in the UK.

The website was built to fulfil the requirements of Facebook and Google advertising that have restrictions on selling CBD. Designed to support drop shipping, the site features a mobile-optimised, simplified design that is fast and responsive. It has a CBD payment gateway integrated and uses WordPress and WooCommerce to make shopping on the site a seamless, enjoyable experience for customers. Because traffic to the site is paid, through Facebook Ads and Google Ads, the emphasis is not on written content and SEO.


by gaia.

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What We Did

Minimalist Design using WordPress & WooCommerce with CBD Payment Gateway Integrated.

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