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If you are a CBD oil seller and want to establish an online store for your CBD oil products, chances are you already know that there are not many CBD oil-friendly payment gateways. Since cannabidiol (CBD) is free from the intoxicating properties often associated with tetrahydrocannabinol and marijuana (THC), the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the transportation and cultivation of cannabis-related products in many states, which includes CBD oil. However, the condition is it must contain 0.3 or lesser cannabinoid.

The CBD oil industry is growing faster and is poised to harvest a revenue of $16 billion by 2025. This is why many CBD oil sellers are now showing interest in selling their products online. However, to start selling CBD oil online, there is one thing that you must look for, and that is payment gateways that will allow you to sell CBD oil and similar products without any hassle. Unfortunately, so many payment gateways deny partnering with CBD oil companies because this industry is still considered high risk. That said, there are a few payment gateways in merchants that accept CBD oil transactions.

What to Look for in a CBD Payment Gateway?

Knowing what one should look for in a CBD payment gateway is essential because you should be fully aware of the features. Here are a few things you need to look for in a CBD payment gateway:

Easy Integrations

First things first, the payment gateway must allow easy integration. Every CBD oil merchant will want to offer a tension-free payment transaction channel to the customers to better engage with them and enhance the online CBD oil shopping experience. Rather than choosing a CBB payment that asks you to use their CBD merchant processing system, it is better to integrate a CBD credit card processing system that will consume less time. In addition, using an API integrated CBD payment gateway will allow you to monitor the payment process.

High-Risk Acceptance

As said earlier, CBD oil is still considered to be a high-risk transaction. The reason why they are considered to be high-risk is that this is a relatively new industry and is prone to charge-backs and payment card fraud. Since the CBD oil industry hovers around the grey area of the legal system, there are only a few payment gateways that are willing to take the risk. Therefore, look for a payment gateway merchant that gives you confidence.

Low Fees

You already know that you have to spend money to make money; however, that doesn’t mean that you end up spending an excessive amount of money. Although, yes, there will be a few well-established companies who will ask for a fee, you need to think about how much can you afford. If there are credit card transactions, then the costs for using the payment gateway will be higher.

The Best CBD Payment Gateway’s Selling CBD Oil In The US

Easy Pay Direct

Easy Pay Direct is one of the well-established payment gateway merchants for high-risk products, including CBD oil. If you visit their website, you will find a dedicated section for CBD and hemp. And it is recommended to go through the CBD and Hemp section to understand how Easy Pay Direct works for this industry. This payment gateway merchant not only supports CBD merchants in the USA but in Canada as well. On top of everything, they don’t ask you for a monthly minimum volume requirement. Easy Pay Direct’s gateway is EPD, which allows clients to accept transactions of high-risk products.

With this merchant, you can link account holders with an account with domestic banks and credit card processors. However, they do have one requirement, which is lab test results. CBD oil sellers will have to provide their lab test results, which signifies that the CBD oil is free from intoxicating properties.

Key Features of Easy Pay Direct:
  • It can integrate with your WooCommerce and Shopify
  • There is no early termination fee.
  • You can process higher monthly payments.
  • It’s a robust payment gateway and in the industry for a long time.
  • They have zero complaints on the website.

iPayTotal is a dedicated payment gateway merchant for high-risk payments. The team that works for iPayTotal can help you easily integrate their payment gateway with your online CBD oil store according to the design of your website. iPayTotal has a long financial history, and their experience has made them one of the best payment gateway processors. IPayTotal can integrate its payment gateway platform with top eCommerce platforms where sellers sell CBD oil by using innovative technologies.

Another important highlight of iPayTotal is that it’s an award-winning online payment gateway and uses a PCI DSS Level 1 certified cloud software to operate.

Key Features of iPayTotal:
  • It’s a dedicated payment gateway merchant for high-risk merchants.
  • iPayTotal has a high acceptance rate. They have a record of accepting 99% of accounts.
  • Their innovative technology lowers the risk of bank overexposure.
  • It can be integrated with top eCommerce sites where sellers want to sell CBD oil products.
  • The accounts usually get approved within 5-8 days.

Authorize.Net is a payment gateway processor and accepts credit card transactions. One can download the WooCommerce plugin for Authorize.Net and start using it with its easy integration process. These payment gateways accept merchants that sell CBD oil and other high-risk products. This is an American based company and makes the integration process smooth for CBD oil merchants.

Authorize.Net lets customers enter their credit card information to make the online transaction process easy. Moreover, Authorize.Net ensures their client can use their service seamlessly, which is why they offer fraud protection features. Many CBD retailers trust Authorize.Net for their seamless integration process and 24 x 7 tech support.

Key Features of Authorize.Net:
  • Authorize.Net is a great payment gateway merchant for CBD oil.
  • You can easily integrate it with your WooCommerce or Shopify CBD oil merchant account.
  • It provides a fraud protection feature.
  • It offers an option to send receipts to customers.
  • The interface of Authorize.Net is easy to understand.

Square is a leading payment gateway merchant and has recently opened up for accepting payments related to CBD products, including CBD oil. Square is not a free payment gateway processor, but the merchant fees are bearable. They let offer their payment gateway service to those CBD merchants that comply with rules and regulations.

Square can be integrated with top eCommerce website seamlessly. Not just this, their fees for using the payment gateway service remains consistent and has a transparent pricing policy. Moreover, they don’t have different payments for different cards, which most payment gateway asks for.

  • You can easily integrate Square with your eCommerce and Shopify merchant accounts.
  • There is no hidden cost.
  • Square eliminates the middle man, letting you keep the maximum profit.
  • The merchant offers a flat fee option.
  • Processing is fast and offers analytics.

The last CBD oil payment gateway merchant that one can think about is NMI, Network Merchants. It offers you dedicated services and tools to make the online transaction process easy and smooth. It accepts electronic payments, debit, and credit card payments.

Being a dedicated payment gateway merchant, the merchant offers detailed insights for every transaction. Moreover, NMI can be integrated with your WooCommerce merchant account seamlessly.

Key Features of NMI:
  • You can integrate with the WooCommerce platform.
  • It accepts multiple payment transactions.
  • The integration process is straightforward.
  • Payment turnaround is fast.
  • It offers various MID capabilities.


While legislation has come a long way in the US, the Cannabis and CBD industry is still considered high risk. This means that payment gateways are often facing a higher level of scrutiny, resulting in a changing landscape of available options and legislation.

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