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A smooth flow for a successful finish.

We believe that the secret to successful website design lies in getting the details right. That’s why, before we even start with the first line of code, we spend time getting to know you and refining your vision for the website.

We start with the website structure, carefully designing a user journey that will allow your customers to find what they need quickly and compel them to take action.

From there, we move on to the website design. Here we’ll work with you translate your ideas into a cohesive design flow.

Next on the list is the website development. With a clear idea of the structure, design and user flow, we have everything we need to bring your vision for your website to life.

The all-important feedback stage comes next. Together we go through the website with a fine-tooth comb to identify and fix any bugs that might have crept in.

It’s go-time! Once you’re completely happy with the site design, we flip the switch, and your site goes live.

Once your site is live, we don’t leave you in the lurch. Our support team is available to answer questions and ensure that the transition is a smooth one.

Step 1 – Site Structure

Whether you require your current website redesigning or a new website build, the first step should be to decide what pages you need for your website.

Begin to create a list of pages required, and this will be the foundation of your project brief. Some pages could possibly use the same layout, for instance, you may have a number of service pages which can look similar. For example, a standard brochure website could consist of a Home, About, Services, Blog and Contact page.

While creating your sitemap, it is essential to make a note of any functions required. For example, an advanced search feature, pop-up message or custom form requirement should be noted down.

The complexity of the sitemap, pages required and functionality will directly affect the investment needed to build the website. The larger the website, the more work required to build.

Step 2 – Site Design

Your closest competitors set a benchmark as to how good your website needs to look. Depending on your competition, websites you like the look of and your target audience, this will directly affect how much time will be required to design the website.

For example, a Pest Control company targeted a small area wouldn’t need a high end, design-focused website. The core aims would be to ensure the website is found on search engines, that there is a carefully thought-out user journey and each page has well-placed call to actions. In this instance, a premium theme would be suitable.

Compare this to an Ecommerce website selling high-end products. In this instance, more time would be spent considering the target audience, the user experience and the aesthetics of the design to ensure the website represents your brand adequately and will convert well.

The design phase determines how long the project will take for completion, and the timeline will depend on:

  • How many pages need to be designed
  • The level of design required (dependent on your competition and target audience)
  • The responsiveness of receiving feedback for any amendments

Step 3 – Site Development

We only move on to development once the designs have been approved and signed off. During this period, we require no feedback and our team can crack on with building the website. In general, the development phase takes between 3 weeks for small websites, 5+ weeks for larger websites.

Once built, the website is delivered to you on our development server for you to view and provide feedback via our project management tool.

Step 4 – Feedback & Go-Live

This step is a process of refinement when all the cogs are in place so that you can review the working version of the website. Like any big project, it’s normal for there to be a few things that need tweaking as we bring your vision for the website to life.

At this stage, the website can only be viewed by yourselves and us. We actively work with one another to review and amend the website ready for launch. Feedback can usually be placed into these three groups:

Questions & Queries

While checking the website, it is common for you to have questions regarding the page layout and how the website functions.


These are issues you may encounter while using different devices or functionalities that aren’t working smoothly.

Additional Changes

These are new items not previously mentioned within our proposal and will require further development.

Feedback can take anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks; it really depends on how many changes are required. Once you are completely satisfied, we can then transfer the website to the live platform for the website to be fully active.

Step 5 – Ongoing Support

Having launched your website, we expect you will have a number of questions and require assistance in the coming few weeks. We are on hand to answer these questions, either via our project management tool or simply emailing our support desk. In addition to this, we offer a range of services to ensure your website installation is kept up to date and secure.

Want to discuss your project? Simply fill in your details below and a member of our team will be in touch!

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