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One of our most popular articles ‘How To Accept Payments Online If You Are Selling CBD Oil Or Cannabis With An Ecommerce Store’ largely focuses on the CBD Industry in the UK. As our knowledge base has grown, we now receive a large volume of European companies looking for payment gateways for their CBD products, including CBD Bud/Flower.

We will actively update this article when new payment gateways are found which can help European based CBD shops sell their products online.

Payment gateways in Europe for CBD Oil Websites


Worldnet has offered its payment gateway solutions throughout Europe and North America for the last 12 years, offering a service that is well-established and highly regarded. Their gateway solution is available to merchants operating the CBD and Hemp industry providing a secure, reliable way to process online card payments. Worldnet accept online payments for CBD Oil and other products as well as subscriptions.

You can read our blog post on Worldnet by clicking here.

NMI: Payment Gateway

One promising option it seems is the use of NMI, however not as easy to understand as other options available in the UK currently. NMI is a payment gateway specialist and can work with any legal industry that has a Merchant Bank Account and that has an Integration with NMI. NMI can connect you with affiliate company so that they can provide the Merchant Account, then utilise NMI as the Payment Gateway.

Epay and ClearHaus

Epay and ClearHaus work in conjunction with one another and you will need to create an account with both. They seem to work very closely and currently accept companies selling CBD Bud/Flower. They are both located in Denmark and have a strong relationship with one another to get you a CBD payment solution set up.

If CBD Bud/Flower is legal in my country, how come it’s so hard to find a payment gateway?

As ever when selling CBD products, it can be hard to know what is legal and what is not. Currently in the UK CBD Flower is illegal however throughout Europe, you can find it readily available in many countries. Having visited Barcelona in anticipation of Spannabis this year (damn you COVID!), it was a pleasant surprise to see how the countries Cannabis laws are progressing. You can easily find shops selling pre-rolled CBD joints which contain under the legal limit of THC. While in the UK, CBD Flower is still illegal (read more about that here), however, there are many online shops still selling the product and they are often unaware that their product is illegal.

Over the last month, we began researching payment gateways available to companies selling CBD products in Europe, including CBD Bud/Flower. We did find a handful of companies which can certainly help provide payment gateway solutions however selling CBD Flower still remain in a grey area in which the companies were reluctant to help with. The main issue is the ever-changing legislation and the complexity of selling a product which is legal in Spain for example, to a customer in the UK. It is a headache the payment gateways can do without.

So if it is so difficult to find a payment gateway which allows you to sell CBD Flower in Europe, how are other websites doing it? Good question, as part of our research we began checking the highest-ranked websites on Google to see what payment gateways they utilising.

How are other websites selling CBD Bud/Flower?

Simple Bank Transfer

If you are using WooCommerce, you can simply add an option to pay by bank transfer. When a customer is checking out, they can choose this method and it is down to them to manually send the money to your bank account. By doing so, this negates the requirement of needing a payment gateway.
You will need to check once the payment has been received and manually keep the orders up to date within the Dashboard of your website.

* We are not advising you to use the following methods, we are simply reporting what other websites are doing to accept payments.
Viva Wallet

I know, I know. Viva Wallet were one of the best options for payment gateways when selling CBD products but in August 2019 they announced they were stopping their support for the industry. Nearly a year later and I am still not 100% sure of their position as they continue to take on CBD clients. While checking some of the top websites selling CBD Flower on Google, they were infact using Viva Wallet.

So I would recommend giving these guys a call and seeing how things stand. Due to a rough patch last year when they went cold on the industry, we would recommend being cautious and ensuring you protect your funds when receiving payments. Have a separate business bank account with someone else and transfer the funds across, as and when you receive payment for your products via your website.


Crazy I know, but some companies at the top of Google are STILL using PayPal. It is certainly risky and by no means a good solution. Similar to the bank transfer method, do not allow the customer to make payment directly through the website using PayPal.
Instead you will need to provide the customer with an email address associated with a PayPal account. They will need to send the payment manually, similar to the bank transfer method. You would need to ask the customer to add a note of their order ID.
I would strongly recommend using a second PayPal account as well as withdrawing any funds as soon as possible into your bank account as there is a strong chance your PayPal account could be shut down.

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