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Do you enjoy cleaning? Then it could be time for you to enter the UK cleaning sector, which is expanding quickly.

Starting a cleaning business requires capitalising on the UK’s expanding over £9 billion cleaning industry, of which the household sector accounts for over £3 billion annually.

It’s a growing industry as more companies opt to outsource cleaning facilities. Moreover, busy homeowners resort to domestic cleaning services to handle household duties.

Is there anyone in the UK who will use your cleaning services?

According to recent research, more than a million more individuals in the UK now use cleaning services at their houses than a decade ago.

A quarter of UK households pay for cleaning services because they do not like performing the task themselves, and 12% of houses hire a cleaner.

People who want to start their own company and don’t mind putting in some serious labour often choose to work in the cleaning industry. Starting a cleaning business can get your boss at a minimal start-up cost. However, the hours may be extended, and the labor can be physically demanding. Making a space clean and orderly is among the most rewarding things you can do on your business premises.

Benefits of starting a cleaning business in the UK

There are numerous advantages to establishing a cleaning business that will undoubtedly embellish your business profile and improve your revenues in no time.

The start-up costs for this company are pretty minimal. Cleaning businesses may be launched with very little capital. Some less expensive cleaning supplies and a strong desire for success are all you must have to get started!

It provides the option of working from home. You may manage your company from the convenience of your home, as no office, shop floor, or warehouse is necessary.

Start from yourself

You can work for yourself. By starting your firm, you will be working for no one but yourself. You may select the cleaning work you want to accomplish, establish your hours, and manage your expenditures.

No prior business experience is necessary, and no particular education requirements or licenses are needed to start a cleaning business. You need to work hard, be persistent, and have the drive to succeed.

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Consider whether cleaning is the right business for you.

You must evaluate your qualities to see whether you are qualified to start a cleaning business. While anybody with enough motivation may start their own cleaning business, several qualities and abilities can set you apart from potential competitors. Cleaning credentials are not required; however, it would be helpful if you could show specific skills.

Desire of Perfection

Cleaning is a good profession for people with a keen eye for detail and the perseverance to complete a task precisely.

A passion for an organization

Cleaning will be fulfilling if you like sorting, cleaning, and rearrangement. Your own domestic cleaning business will prosper as a result.


Cleaning is a strenuous, physically demanding job (e.g., commercial cleaners or carpet cleaners), so you and your workers must be in good physical shape and capable of maintaining the pace.

Lone worker

At first, you could be the sole employee or the only person in your business, and you’ll probably be cleaning when potential customers are away. You will be your boss.

Being trustworthy

It is crucial if you want to spend extended amounts of time at someone’s home or workplace. They must feel comfortable giving you access to their belongings and house keys.

Friendly behaviour

Being likeable and friendly is essential since unhappy or rude customers are less likely to suggest you or use your services again.

Administration abilities

These abilities are crucial since being self-employed entails regularly organizing taxes, salaries, invoicing, and other financial matters.


Creativity will assist you in developing a marketing strategy for your company. Innovative marketing strategies can help you spread the word about your business and make it more memorable.

Decide what type of cleaning business to start.

Your first critical choice is to select what sort of cleaning business you want to establish before starting your journey. There are a few types of cleaning companies that you may wish to think about.

Professional Commercial cleaning business

It provides cleaning services to business facilities, sometimes called cleaning companies.

Domestic cleaning business

Private residences or residential flats are common settings for this cleaning business, known as domestic cleaning.

Specialised cleaning

Special services like dry cleaning are catered for by this kind of business.

Qualifications and skills needed to start a cleaning business

Anyone motivated and who enjoys strenuous, repetitive labour would do well running a residential cleaning business or a company of domestic cleaners.

Clients will demand spotless outcomes, so it’s crucial to take a meticulous approach and be driven to keep things tidy.

Although cleaning staff are required for commercial work, you’ll typically work alone and perhaps at odd hours when you start.

Research the cleaning market.

Hundreds of tiny cleaning companies are fighting for consumers in the highly competitive cleaning industry.

To ensure that your cleaning firm stands out, you’ll need to thoroughly study the industry to find out about possible clients, current rivals, sources of specialist equipment, cleaning products, safety measures, potentially harmful chemicals, and the kinds of pricing being paid for the various services you wish to provide.

Knowing how much to charge and having information about public liability insurance are crucial when starting a household cleaning service.

Ordinarily, domestic specialist cleaners charge by the hour.

A tip- searching the market

Call your competitors in the market while pretending to be a potential customer or asking for a domestic cleaner to learn their prices.

Maintaining your rates somewhat constant or slightly lower is preferable to attracting clients or new customers.

If you decide to charge a greater price, emphasize high-quality service or other benefits you provide.

Don’t forget to specify if your cost includes cleaning supplies or whether the customer will provide their own.

In the similarly competitive fields of commercial cleaning businesses, you’ll compete with established other companies vying for business.

To maintain your competitiveness, determine expenses based on the hours and personnel needed for each location. You could also seek tendering possibilities from nearby governments or enterprises.

Create a cleaning business plan.

If you create a business plan, your new cleaning endeavour will have a pathway to success. Even if you’re starting out as a solo home cleaner or in a domestic cleaning service, possessing a solid understanding of your skills and costs, your competitors, third-party providers, and marketing mechanisms can assist you in getting off to the correct start.

It is necessary if you’re searching for investment since it will assist you in determining the size and scope of your company, project earnings and expenses, and more. Once you begin doing business, you must register your company with HMRC to pay the appropriate taxes and National Insurance (NICs).

With no ongoing expenses, it is free to start up. All company debts, however, are personally accountable to the owner, who is also in charge of paying taxes and National Insurance.

Set up and register your cleaning business.

Although it is simple to start a cleaning business, it still requires a few essential steps. Before you begin, consider your legal obligations or fees to ensure that you remain on the legitimate part of the law.

Sign up as a lone proprietor or a sole trader.

You must register as a sole proprietor or self-employed and file a self-assessment tax return if you make over £1,000 from self-employment. If you are a cleaner who works independently, you should be registered as a sole trader, but not a limited company, since this will likely be the most tax-efficient choice. A limited company (e.g. a carpet cleaning business) could be the best option for a firm that employs people. Examine the variations between a limited corporation and a single proprietorship.

Professional training

No training is necessary for a household cleaning company. However, to remain up to date, further training will be needed when opening a specialized and commercial cleaning business.

Get coverage through the employer’s liability insurance

Insurance that will protect you from harm to other people’s property is advised. You must legally carry liability insurance or have a distinct legal entity if you hire employees.

Obtain a DBS check

To convince existing customers that you are reliable, acquiring DBS checks is a good idea for you and any workers.

Recruitment of cleaning staff

Finding personnel for a cleaning business is not difficult. Few credentials are needed for this position, making it open to most individuals. However, you must carefully choose your company’s correct employees or specialist cleaning individuals; otherwise, your reputation, sales, and cleaning contracts may suffer.

Since they will work in people’s homes, you must pick individuals who can be trusted and who look good. Additionally, they must be tenacious enough to do their assignment on time and well.

Employee training

Remember that you must also teach and train your new employees, especially new domestic cleaners.

You must choose the wage to pay your specialist cleaning crew. To turn a profit, you’ll need to pay less than you bill your customer.

Website Creation for online presence

Any company depends on acquiring customers, whether through advertising or recommendations. Whatever the case, creating a website is helpful in acquiring and retaining customers.

One benefit is that it guarantees a web presence for your cleaning business. In this very digital day, if your own business and cleaning products cannot be located online, you are not seen as trustworthy. Existing clients will believe that you are still operating in the Stone Age.

How to create a website

There are many ways to build a website for your cleaning business, but the most popular option is to use WordPress. WordPress is open-source software that allows you to easily create a website by uploading content and editing it with a drag-and-drop interface. Several plugins are available that make adding features like an online scheduling tool or payment system easy.

Breaking down step-wise procedure:

  • Buy Hosting
  • Buy a domain name (name of your website)
  • Create a website or let someone create it for you
  • Do SEO
  • Do social media marketing.

Importance of SEO

Search engine optimisation is vital for all types of businesses but essential for cleaning businesses. In the cleaning world, there are many competitors. Your business needs a well-optimised website to stand out from the crowd and attract potential customers.

To rank high in search results, ensure your site is mobile-friendly and has clear call-to-action buttons that encourage visitors to book an appointment or buy products.

You need to hire an SEO expert to bring your website to the first page of Google so that people can see and access it.

Costs of start-ups related to a cleaning services business

The initial investment of the cleaning business depends upon the scale and size of the company, the nature of the cleaning contract, and the industry you operate in.

If any company utilizes cleaning supplies of the prospective client, then the initial cost involves little capital.

The only upfront expenses you’ll have are vehicles and petrol, printed posters, presence on social media platforms, and an inexpensive website to market your services.

Starting a commercial cleaning business is more expensive since it requires purchasing industrial equipment like carpet cleaning gadgets, commercial cleaning equipment, window cleaning equipment, cleaning products, floor polishers, professional vacuum cleaners, trolleys, and a bigger van.

Approximate Cost

You might anticipate a total initial cost between £5,000 and £20,000.

Additionally, you’ll need to pay at least as per the UK minimum wage range to a cleaning crew and have a larger marketing budget, which can include paying for trade newspaper advertising.

Scaling your Cleaning business

Expanding a business might be challenging. You must follow specific advice if you own a cleaning company and want to grow it. Making things simple for yourself can improve your productivity and creativity. Ensuring that your services stand out is also essential.

As it will boost your firm, you should start market research and broaden your marketing presence. It is highly critical for commercial cleaning. Furthermore, you have to provide your services in a style that keeps clients coming back to you and encourages them to do so.

Additionally, it would be best if you employed fresh labour when required. Naturally, the goal of growing your firm is to expand. If your company outgrows the personnel you already have, add more workers as necessary. If not, you’ll be right back at tip one since you won’t be able to provide your consumers with the greatest services.

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