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Maybe you’ve been noticed the exponential growth of the CBD market in the UK, or have had a look at the projected growth over the next couple years. Or it could be that you’ve used CBD products and can see the huge potential they have for people’s health and wellness.

These factors might have started you thinking about opening your own CBD business. But getting started may seem overwhelming – there are so many things to think about. The best place to start is to focus on where you will source the products that you intend to sell to your customers.

Here are the three options you can use to fulfil orders for your CBD shop:

1. Purchase as a Wholesaler

By finding a wholesaler, you can purchase CBD products in bulk at a discount rate and then sell directly to the consumer. To do so, you will need to find a wholesale distributor of CBD products that are produced from organically grown hemp, that is pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, and heavy metal-free. You will be able to choose from a range of different products such as tinctures, edibles and more. Based on what you expect your customers to be looking for, you can place your order. Examples of CBD wholesalers in the UK include:

  • CBD Supermarket
  • CBD Bible UK
  • Amma Life
  • Icehead Shop

2. Dropshipping

Companies such as CBD UK Online Sure Pure Scotland offer CBD dropshipping services for CBD companies. Here the dropshipping service companies will ship to online and offline businesses on your behalf. You can store your product in their warehouses, and they’ll take care of order fulfilment. This makes inventory management easy and effectively eliminates warehousing costs.

3. Find a White Label Product Supplier

The third option is to find a white-label supplier. There are three main white label (or private label) companies that allow their clients to brand their products: Mile High Labs, The Hemp Plug (THP) and Canna Creations.

Who Are They?
Mile High Labs

Founded in 2016 by Stephen Mueller and has rapidly expanded from 30 employees in 2017 to 180 employees in 2019. Their goal is to be part of the long-term future of the CBD industry as the CBD supply chain partner of choice for leading CPG brands around the world.

The Hemp Plug

Their products for white label are made and sourced in Colorado, USA. Their focus on the benefits of their products includes a commitment to the best full-spectrum, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan hemp extract, that is grown with no pesticides or artificial fertilizers. This is underpinned by rigorous third-party lab testing and certification to make the process safe and transparent for companies.

Canna Creations

They is positioned as a full-service manufacturing and CBD potency testing business in the cannabidiol industry. The company was established in the UK in 2018 and has been the recipient of a number of awards for their Green Stem product range. Their production facility in Surrey carries an ISO Class 7 certification, ensuring that all manufacturing, CBD testing, and R&D is carried out in state-of-the-art facilities. From production to the finished end product, the processes at Canna Creations ensures the highest standards of quality are maintained.

What Do They Offer?
Mile High Labs

They set the bar high in terms of the private labelling services that they offer. The company is trusted by its global partners based on an agreement that compliance, consistency, traceability, and quality are critical to success. And they aim to make CBD accessible to all through continuous research and scientific innovation.

They offer a range of products for white labelling, including tinctures in different strengths and flavours, topicals in five different varieties, soft gel capsules in different sizes and strengths, and gummies in five different flavours.

The Hemp Plug

They offers a seamless turnkey approach which includes product creation, quality control documentation, labelling, and packaging as well as marketing and sales resources.

Their product range includes custom CBD tincture oils, infused edibles, capsules, pills, gelcaps, vapes, smokeables, infused drinks, various health treatments, sports nutrition, and pet products. Most products are available in a range of different sizes, strength, and flavour variations.

Canna Creations

They has their own product ranges as well as a white-label service for a wide range of CBD products covering beauty and skincare, lifestyle and their range of supplements. They offer product customisation where flavour profiles can be created for white label clients, as well as a full-solution for branding, design, and packaging.

Their product range consists of CBD oils, vaping liquids, gummies, soft gel capsules, as well as beauty products such as hand cream, moisturizers, body wash, body lotion, body butter, bath bombs, and lip balm. These products can be further customised with flavours, a variety of strengths, and ingredients.

How Do They Differ From Each Other?

Hemp Origin and Quality

All the products are made from vegan-friendly hemp that is sourced from Colorado or Oregon that is produced to high standards and carefully checked for quality.

Company Base

Both Mile High Labs and the Hemp Plug are based in the US, while Canna Creations is based in the UK.

Product Range

The Hemp Plug has the widest range of products, followed closely by Canna Creations. Both offer vape options in addition to tinctures, gel capsules, CBD edibles, and beauty products. Mile High Labs only offer tinctures, topicals, soft gel capsules, and gummies.

Full-Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate

All three companies produce a range of different full-spectrum products; Canna Creations is the only company that offers CBD isolate.

In Conclusion…

Once you’ve decided whether to focus on becoming a wholesaler, use dropshipping or white-label products, you’re well on your way to getting started as a CBD company and will be able to take advantage of the growing number of people looking to CBD products to support their health and wellness.

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