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Discord has become a popular platform for gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It offers many features that are not available on other platforms.

This article will show you how to set up a Discord server for your NFT projects. We will also discuss the safety measures you need to take to protect your data and assets.

What Is Discord And What Are Its Features?

Discord is a gaming-focused communication software that allows you to easily voice chat, exchange photos and videos, and join channels with your buddies.

It’s free and secure, making it the perfect platform for gaming communities of all sizes.

Discord also has awesome discord bots that can help moderate your server, and there’s even a thriving community of discord bot developers. Discord servers are also highly customizable, so you can create unique server rules and policies to fit your community.

Plus, a dedicated rules channel can easily keep your server organized and tidy.

All in all, Discord is a potent tool for gamers that offers a ton of features and customization options.

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to chat with friends during your next gaming session or want to create a thriving online community, Discord is the perfect platform.

The Importance of Discord Within the NFT Community

If you are the type of person that has been a part of the non-fungible token (NFT) hype, craze, and overall spectrum of collectors or creators, the chances are high that you have come across numerous Discord servers.

The main reason why Discord blew up in terms of popularity within the NFT community is that creators needed a place where they could sell NFTs and platforms through which they could promote NFTs.

When we look at numerous NFT projects, be they small or large projects, it is clear that most of them offer a lot more than a simple file.

Some NFTs can serve the role of being a ticket within a community, and some projects even go the extra distance and offer access to future events, first-row seats on new launches or releases, access to giveaways, and insights into the future of a specific project.

This ultimately results in the NFT space expanding into something much bigger than just individual pieces of artwork or music.

When Was Discord Released?

Discord as a platform was originally launched in 2015 and started as a free voice and text chat app for gamers.

Users on Discord are allowed to essentially engage within audio and video conversations, where they can send private text messages and even join groups, which are referred to as “servers” on top of the platform.

Discord: Origins

Initially, Discord saw a high level of popularity within gaming communities, but because it has developed a plethora of useful features and tools that are available within it, such as custom programmable bots, alongside automation, it has grown into a tool used by any community that aims to create a chat or network server through which numerous enthusiasts within a given field can communicate with one another.

This means anyone is provided with the opportunity to create a Discord channel and invite people who are interested in a similar topic. And because of the increased interest in NFTs, Discord has seen a massive use-case within the world of non-fungible tokens.

The background surrounding NFTs can be a lot more intricate when compared to some of the JPEGs you have likely seen selling for millions.

An NFT is essentially an economic term that is used to describe any tokens that are not replaceable because they feature unique properties. They are defined by their value and are not defined by their uniqueness.

Ethereum (ETH) is fungible, and Bitcoin (BTC) is fungible, which means that 1 ETH will always be equal in value to 1 ETH.

NFTs are unique and cannot ever be equal in value to any other NFT due to their unique properties.

Where Discord FIts in

As a result, Discord provides real-time rooms where users can speak, chat, and listen to conversations surrounding a specific topic.

Anyone who might want to invest in a specific NFT project will need to listen in on a Discord chat, and learn a bit more about the creator of the NFT collection, their community, and so on.

In other words, most successful NFT creators will typically have a community behind them who are their loyal followers and appreciate all of the work they have completed.

This essentially means that there is actual value within that creator’s NFTs in the eyes and minds of many collectors, which makes it a solid collection to invest in compared to one without a community.

Furthermore, some creators have exclusive, unique giveaways, NFT drops, or other events that they publish on Discord first, before sharing them throughout other social media channels.

These are just some reasons Discord has blown up so much in popularity within the NFT sphere.

NFT creators

Benefits of Using Discord as NFT Creators

There are numerous benefits for NFT creators to utilize the Discord platform, and we will go over some of the key ones you need to know about.

Curating Your Community

One of the main challenges that most NFT creators will initially face at a point in time when they decide to create their own NFT collection is the fact that they will need to create a community that is genuinely engaged on a deeper level with them and the more they manage to achieve this goal, the better their overall branding, and NFT collection will be as a result.

As such, Discord provides these users with the ability to essentially get personal and communicate with like-minded members of the community, and can host discussions, stream their NFT creation process live, get ideas from the community and feedback on their work, and set up calls or promotions for the project in question.

Offering Efficient Customer Service

Likely, the beginning of a creator’s adventure within the NFT sphere will be filled with mystery and questions. As such, many NFT buyers will likely want to get to know the creator and the community first.

Discord as a platform provides creators with an opportunity through which they will be able to reach out to their community and resolve any issue or question quickly and efficiently.

Optimizing Your Branding

When it comes to marketing in any industry, the main thing everyone needs to consider and keep in mind is that much of it boils down to storytelling with NFT projects.

This means that each creator needs to have a story that needs to be heard by the community.

As such, Discord provides each creator with an opportunity through which they can share their story and branding directly through various forms of media.

This includes words, videos, and images, all of which can contribute to the project’s growth and positively impact the project’s future.

NFT Community Manager

Setting Up A Server For Your NFT Project and Engaging in Direct Messages

Setting up a server for your NFT project can be a great way to engage with the NFT community and get feedback on your project.

You should keep a few things in mind when setting up your server, such as ensuring you have enough community members to support your project and setting up roles to help keep things organized.

Make sure to set up a channel for announcements so people can stay up to date on your project. Finally, you should consider creating a channel for discussion so that people can ask questions and give feedback.

By following these simple tips, you can create a server that will be a valuable resource for your NFT project.

If you’re working on an NFT project, you may want to consider setting up a server on Discord to help build and grow your community. Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up an NFT Discord server:

  • Choose a name for your server that reflects your NFT project.
  • Create an invite link for your server and share it with potential community members.
  • Set up channels for different topics related to your NFT project. For example, you could have a channel for announcements, a channel for discussion, and a channel for resources.
  • Appoint moderators who will help keep the server organized and welcoming new members.
  • Encourage community members to participate in discussions and share their thoughts and ideas about your NFT project.
  • Celebrate achievements and milestones with your community!

How To Keep Your Server Safe From Scammers And Hackers and Establish Safe Direct Messaging for Server Members

Public discord servers are a great way to keep in touch with your friends and other people who share your interests, but they can also be a magnet for scammers and hackers. If you’re running a public discord server, you can do a few things to help keep your server safe from these bad actors.

First, make sure that you have the appropriate server settings configured. This includes setting up two-factor authentication for your server admin account and requiring all members to have a verified email address attached to their account.

You should also consider using a bot such as MEE6 or GAwesomeBot to help moderate your server and monitor suspicious activity.

Here are some tips to help keep your server safe:

  • Use strong passwords and encrypt sensitive information.
  • Keep your software up to date.
  • Limit access to sensitive areas of the server.
  • Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) wherever possible.
  • Finally, ensure that you have a good community manager who can help resolve any issues that may arise. Train your staff and community members in security best practices.

These precautions can help ensure that your public discord server is safe and secure.

Discord NFTs: Tips For Creating A Successful Discord Server For Your Project

Tokenization is the process of converting a physical asset, such as a painting or a piece of jewelry, into a digital token that can be stored on a blockchain. Tokenization allows artists to create unique, one-of-a-kind tokens that can be traded or sold on a digital marketplace.

Tokenization also can revolutionize the art world by making it possible for anyone to own and trade fractions of high-value assets, such as works by Pablo Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci. In the past, only wealthy collectors could afford to own entire paintings or sculptures. But with tokenization, someone could own a tiny fraction of a Picasso painting, for example.

The painting would be divided into 1,000 tokens, and each token could be worth $1. So, if you owned 100 tokens, you would own 10% of the Picasso painting.

Tokenization also opens up the possibility of creating new types of tokens, such as “security tokens.” Security tokens are digital assets that represent an ownership stake in a company or project.

For example, a startup could create 100 million security tokens and sell them to investors to raise capital. The value of the security tokens would rise and fall based on the success or failure of the startup.

Discord is a communication platform that allows you to create a server for your project. You can use Discord to communicate with your teammates, give project updates, and support users. Here are some tips for creating a successful Discord server for your project:

  • Make sure to set up clear rules and guidelines for your server. This will help to keep the chat organized and prevent spam.
  • Be active in the server yourself. This will show users that you’re invested in the project and that you’re available to answer questions and provide support.
  • Invite people who are interested in your project. You can promote your server on social media or other online platforms.
  • Keep the conversations flowing by regularly posting updates and engaging with users. Avoid long periods of silence, as this can make the server seem inactive and uninviting.

By following these tips, you can create a successful Discord server that will help to promote and support your project.


So, setting up a Discord server is a great option if you’re looking for a safe and fun place to hang out and discuss your favorite Non-Fungible Tokens projects.

Just remember to follow the tips in this article to help keep your server safe and secure.

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