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Anyone who has looked up the basics of SEO has heard the saying ‘Content is King, Backlinks are Queen’. We all understand it but for a whole host of reasons, as a small business owner, it seems to get neglected. For me personally, for the first 6 years of Cude Design I have been working ‘in’ the business rather than ‘on’ the business. As the business owner, being involved in every aspect of your industry, you are the best person to create content, however, finding the time or motivation can be tough. I was suffering from both.

Over the last 10 months I have finally made the transition to working ‘on’ my business. Roll on June 2018 and having attended a meet up, I heard of a challenge to write 1000 word blog posts every day for 90 days or something crazy! No way can I do that but I do have some more time to producing content. So since June, I have been trying to target at a minimum, a 1000 worded blog post every fortnight and at least 4 blog posts a month.

Search Impressions & Clicks – 28th May/28th June 2018

An impression is counted each time your website is shown on a search result page or other site on the Google Network. Each time your website appears on Google or the Google Network, it's counted as one impression.

Impressions: DefinitionGoogle Ads Help

For the month of May/June, we had a total of 9k impressions, this has been pretty standard for us for a number of years. With not content creation, this is to be expected. Towards the end of June, we also launched the new website for Cude Design. This did include the rearrangement of our sitemap and a reduction of the amount of content by 1/5th I suspect.

What are our aims by producing more content?

Right now, we are solely creating content for the blog on Cude Design. Once ‘live’, we then post to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We also create content for Instagram but this is more design focused. We have two aims by creating written content for our website;

1.) By creating content we are hoping to appear in more search results. The increase in valuable, unique content, we hope, will also lead to an improvement in our natural ranking on major search engines.

2.) Showcase our expertise in the areas we work in and document our own business as a case study. We are looking to create content for services we already provide, such as Web Design, WordPress & Woocommerce. In addition to this we are looking to create content on new trends such as voice (Amazon Alexa & Google Home) & Blockchain Technology. Both of which will disrupt our industry.

By creating content addressing emerging trends, when such technology hits the main stream in 2, 5 or 10 years time, we will have a catalogue of content already receiving traffic.

Search Impressions & Clicks – 31st Auguest/27th September 2018

Since June 6th, we have steadily been creating fresh content for our blog. Initially we started creating updates regarding our ongoing work but we have now started to focus more on documenting our experiences with projects, clients and the marketing of Cude Design. Our strategy of increasing exposure certainly seems to be working. In three months, we have doubled the amount of clicks we are receiving and increased the amount of impressions expotionettly. This has had a negative effect on ‘Click Through Rate’ and ‘Average Position’, but this is to be expected with the rise of impressions from 9k to 77.6k.

We are achieving the first part of our goal of increasing the ‘Impressions’ and ‘Clicks’ which is excellent. Our next mission will be to ensure we are creating the right exposure to ensure the ‘Clicks’ begin to result in new clients deciding to work with Cude Design. I am fairly confident, over time this will happen if we continue to write about what we know best, WordPress and Digital Marketing.

The next part of this serious will take a look at ‘Backlinks are Queen’ and analysing our ranking on Google and how are continued efforts have effected this.

Does content just apply to my written blog? Or are there other ways to create content for digital marketing?

6 – 10 years ago, updatng your website and creating a blog were pretty much the only ways you could create fresh content for your website. That has completely changed and there is an outlet for whatever suits your skillset and targets your audience best. You could use video to create new, fresh content to upload to Facebook or YouTube.  Use Pinterest and Instagram to create stunning posts to appeal to the creatives or to promote your products and ecommerce store. Have a younger demographic, open up Snapchat! There are a whole host of ways to create content and reach out to your target market now.

For us, written content works perfectly on our website and it helps with our ranking and future plans of growing the business and documenting our progress. Find what suits you 🙂

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