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Owning a CBD store presents unique challenges in securing payment solutions. Despite the legality of CBD sales, many banks and traditional payment providers still categorize these products as ‘high-risk’. Consequently, it’s essential to explore payment gateways specialising in the Cannabis/CBD Oil industry, including options for a CBD merchant account.

In this popular blog post, we explore the various payment gateways available for your online CBD store alongside alternative methods employed by websites across the UK and Europe. We aim to keep this guide current but always recommend contacting payment gateway providers directly to confirm the specifics of setting up an account for the sale of CBD.

CBD Payment Gateway UK

Finding a payment merchant that accepts common payment methods, such as credit cards, and offers the highest levels of confidentiality and security is important. Your merchant should al000000so be fully certified with the PCI Security Standards Council.

Viva Wallet accept online payments for CBD Oil and other products

Viva Wallet is Europe’s leading cloud-based payment acquirer and issuer, and they welcome online CBD merchants to integrate their payment gateway for their stores. They provide affordable payment services with a global reach, offering efficient, transparent, multi-channel payment systems for inward and outward payments.

As a top 50 Power Fintech company, they offer innovative solutions. For CBD businesses with both a physical and an online store, they have an end-to-end solution including physical card machines, a payment gateway, a virtual terminal and pay-by notification.

They also offer the features of a bank account with its own IBAN/Sort code and account number, and they issue their debit card, all of which can be managed in real-time through a personalised dashboard.

Viva Wallet has been the best and easiest solution for clients looking for a CBD payment gateway.

Key advantages include:
  •  Shopify & WordPress
  •  Subscriptions (WordPress only)
  •  A real-time, transparent dashboard
  •  Same day/Next day settlement
  •  Full card payment solution (POS, account and business debit card)
  •  No contracts
  •  State-of-the-art card terminals
  •  No hidden costs
  •  No monthly or annual PCI charges
  •  No per transaction authorisation fees
  •  No minimum monthly charges
  •  Low to zero acquiring charges when using a business Mastercard
  •  The ability to export files for accounting and reconciliation
Paytriot Payments

Paytriot offers a payment solution for companies selling CBD Oil and Cannabis products (including subscriptions) that integrates with Shopify and WordPress/WooCommerce.
Paytriot is a London-based FCA-registered payments company, and they can help businesses accept payments from all over the world. They have three main ways of accepting payments: by taking online card payments, over the phone, and by setting up subscription payments. Thanks to these many ways of accepting payments, you will find that using Paytriot to accept your payments will help to open up your business to more customers based around the globe.

Their processing territories are all the countries within Europe, excluding Austria, Denmark, Finland, Malta, Portugal, and Slovakia, and they are proud of their growing presence in Spain & France.

Paytriot is also one of the few firms that will accept payments for CBD companies. Not all online payment merchants will work with CBD businesses, but Paytriot has already teamed up with around 300 of these kinds of companies. If you choose to use them, you will have full peace of mind knowing that you are working with a payment merchant that conducts their banking in the UK and are fully FCA registered.

Benefits of choosing Paytriot Payments
  •  Shopify & WordPress/WooCommerce
  •  Subscription payments – * not user journey friendly
  •  Competitive Rates
  •  No Rolling Reserve
  •  Flexible Settlement Times
  •  Online, Over the Phone & Subscription Payments Offered
  • Worldwide Payments Processed
  •  Super Quick Set Up (72 hours)
  •  UK Based Account Manager
  •  FCA Registered Giving Peace Of Mind

You can read more about Paytriot in our blog post by clicking here or you can visit the Paytriot Payments website and contact them by clicking here.


Pixxles is emerging as a formidable choice for online CBD stores, especially start-ups and those operating in high-risk industries. This payment gateway distinguishes itself with some of the most competitive rates in the market, coupled with a suite of benefits tailored to the unique needs of its clients.

Key Features of Pixxles:
  • Specialisation in Start-Ups and High-Risk Industries: Pixxles is adept at supporting the dynamic and challenging environments of start-ups and high-risk sectors, including the CBD industry.
  • Business Bank Account Provision: Clients receive the added convenience of a business account, streamlining their financial management.
  • E-Money for Quicker Payouts: Pixxles’ use of e-money ensures faster payout processes, enhancing cash flow efficiency.
  • Transparent Pricing: They guarantee 100% transparency in pricing, with a strict no hidden fees policy.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: High-quality customer support is provided at no additional cost, ensuring a smooth experience for merchants.
  • Complimentary Setup: Pixxles offers setup services without extra charges, reducing initial overheads for businesses.
  • 3D Secure Transactions: Enhanced security for online transactions is ensured through 3D Secure technology.
  • Inclusive Approach: Their services are available to Sole Traders, broadening the scope of businesses that can benefit.

Pricing Structure:

  • UK Cards: Transactions with UK cards incur a fee of 1.4% + 20p.
  • EEA Cards: Transactions with EEA cards are charged at 2.5% + 20p.

Integration and Scope:

Pixxles is compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce platforms, making it a versatile option for online retailers. They accept sellers of CBD flower and hash, catering to clients in both the UK and Europe. Their payout schedule is daily, in arrears of 5 days, offering a balanced approach to cash flow and financial planning.

Do you want to contact Pixxles and discuss a CBD merchant account? Click here to discuss further.


Worldnet has been providing its payment gateway services across Europe and North America for over 12 years, earning a reputation for excellence. Their gateway is tailored for CBD businesses, offering a secure and reliable method for online processing of CBD payments. They support transactions for CBD Oil and various other products.

Worldnet offers a WordPress plugin for website integration, though it may not be as user-friendly or quick to set up as other options listed. They also provide a Shopify-compatible plugin. Both are PCI-compliant. While Worldnet advertises subscription capabilities, integrating this feature can be challenging.

Their integration guides are in English, with support offered by the Dublin-based Support and Integrations Team.

Worldnet stands out for its efficient access to funds, featuring a swift payment processing turnaround. Funds are settled daily to the business account, ensuring availability within a couple of days – a significant advantage over other gateways that might hold payments for up to 10 days and retain reserves.

This makes Worldnet an attractive option for eCommerce CBD stores, not only for the quick fund availability but also for its online banking dashboard. This dashboard facilitates the tracking of transactions and the efficient processing of both full and partial refunds.

The Worldnet include:
  •  WordPress & Shopify
  •  Lower fees
  •  Faster settlement of funds
  •  No rolling reserves
  •  Transparency
  •  English language documentation
  •  Dublin-based support team
Trust Payments

Trust Payments, a leading payment gateway with over two decades of experience, has established itself as an authoritative and reliable partner in payment processing, particularly for CBD businesses.

Their commitment to enabling secure and confident online payments for CBD-related transactions positions them as a premier choice for those looking to accept payments in this sector.

Initially starting as a payment gateway, Trust Payments has evolved into an omnichannel payments provider. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, including POS payment services, mobile payment facilities, in-store payment options, and a specialized online CBD payment gateway.

Renowned for their innovative approach to complex payment challenges and a customer-focused ethos, Trust Payments has gained significant recognition and usage within the CBD community. They have adeptly identified and addressed the difficulties both businesses and consumers encounter when purchasing CBD products online, offering secure, reliable, and convenient payment solutions.

Trust Payments is proactive in engaging with CBD vendors, understanding their unique requirements, and delivering cutting-edge solutions to foster the growth of the CBD industry. Their expertise and supportive stance make them an invaluable ally for CBD merchants navigating the intricacies of online payment processing.

The clear benefits of using Trust Payments include:
  •  WordPress & WooCommerce Compatible. Not Shopify.
  •  Wide variety of payment methods
  •  Fast account setup
  •  Exceptional reliability and virtually no downtime
  •  24/7 UK Based technical support
  •  Tailored fees depending on your use

Want to contact Trust Payments to accept payments via your online CBD Store? Click here to find out more.

NMI: Payment Gateway

NMI emerges as a promising CBD payment gateway for merchants, offering an alternative to traditional payment options. While it may present a steeper learning curve than other UK-based solutions, its specialization as a payment gateway expert is noteworthy. NMI caters to any legal industry with a Merchant Account and requires integration with their system.

For CBD businesses seeking a comprehensive solution, NMI facilitates connections with affiliate companies to provide the necessary Merchant Account. Once this account is established, CBD merchants can seamlessly utilise NMI as their payment gateway.

This approach positions NMI as a versatile and effective merchant account provider for the CBD industry, navigating the complexities of financial transactions in this specialised market.

Epay and ClearHaus

Epay and ClearHaus, both based in Denmark, collaborate closely to provide a cohesive solution for CBD merchants looking to accept payments, including credit card payments, in the CBD market. To leverage their services, businesses must create accounts with both entities. This partnership is particularly adept at accommodating companies that sell CBD Bud/Flower, showcasing their commitment to offering effective CBD payment solutions.

Their strong inter-company relationship is a key advantage for CBD merchants seeking a streamlined and reliable method to process payments. By combining their expertise, Epay and ClearHaus ensure a more integrated and efficient approach to handling CBD payments, making them a valuable choice for businesses in this specialized industry.

Frequently Asked Questions about CBD Payment Processing in the UK

What is the CBD payment processor in the UK?

A CBD payment processor in the UK is a specialised financial service provider that manages transactions for businesses selling CBD products.

These processors offer CBD merchant accounts, enabling these businesses to securely accept payments such as credit and debit card payments. Due to the unique nature of the CBD industry, these processors are adept at managing the intricacies involved in processed transactions for CBD sales.

Which payment gateway is used in the UK?

The UK market utilises various payment gateways, but when it comes to selling CBD online, a secure payment gateway is crucial. Providers like Worldnet, Trust Payments, and Pixxles are notable for their services tailored to online businesses in the CBD sector.

They offer robust security features and compliance with industry regulations, ensuring smooth transaction processing.

Does Square accept CBD payments in the UK?

As of my last update in January 2022, Square does not support CBD payments in the UK; this service is currently only available in the United States.

CBD merchants in the UK need to look for other cbd payment processors that cater to the UK market and comply with its regulations.

What is a CBD payment method?

A CBD payment method refers to how customers can pay for CBD products, particularly online. This includes various electronic payments such as credit and debit card payments, e-wallets, and sometimes bank transfers. CBD payment processors specialise in facilitating these transactions, ensuring that payments are processed efficiently and securely.

They play a crucial role in the smooth operation of CBD online businesses, handling financial transactions and often providing additional support in navigating the regulatory landscape of the CBD market.

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