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Award-Winning Web Design WordPress Development eCommerce Reliable Support Website Optimisation Agency, Surrey.

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Whisky River Fund

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Hempen Organic

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Aromatherapy eCommerce Website

WooCommerce Web Design by Cude Design

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by gaia.

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CBD Ecommerce Website

We Are A Strategic And Creative Web Design Agency.

Web Design & Development

Our design and development service blends creativity with reliably tested development techniques, ensuring aesthetically pleasing, functional, and user-friendly digital solutions for every client.

eCommerce Development

We are experienced in eCommerce and offer tailored WooCommerce solutions. We work closely with clients to develop robust, user-friendly, and effective online stores that drive significant sales growth.

Urgent Website Support

Our urgent website support service ensures your site remains operational and secure. We offer swift assistance for downtime, security breaches, and technical glitches, providing rapid resolution.

Industries we have worked with.

Construction & Tradesman

Fitness & Wellbeing

Charities & NGOs


Golf Clubs


Conferences & Exhibitions


Client Success Stories

Jackie PenticostPeaches & Calm

The process was highly collaborative and they were very responsive to changes and questions. The whole process was very smooth and the end result was very professional. Highly recommend.

Arame LyQuick Commerce

It's been a pleasure working with the Cude design team. They are always fast to respond, and keen to assists wherever we need help. The project process was really smooth,

Sam LutostanskiWPJ Heating

A great structured design process and superb Wordpress skills to build the new website. Every request we had was delivered well and the team working on our site certainly new their stuff!

Eve ColeHome Insurance Website

We have been incredibly impressed with Cude Design. The website that they created was made to a high standard and provided excellent value, great customer service, efficient website build plan and timescales given.

Sam WaltersFore-View

The Cude Design team have been fantastic to deal with. They have produced a website and marketing material that we are very impressed with and all to budget and agreed timeline. Would highly recommend.

Scott MacdonaldHappy Hemper

Cude Design have been an invaluable part of getting my business off the ground. Very knowledgable and nothings been too much of a bother and the finished product has exceeded our expectations! Great customer service and patience!

We Are A Strategic And Creative Web Design Agency.

Search Engine Optimisation

We provide a dedicated SEO & digital marketing strategy from the beginning of each project. This includes detailed research, competitor analysis, & a customised keyword plan to improve search rankings and drive quality traffic.

Pay Per Click Management

Our service specialises in PPC management, expertly handling Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. We maximise ROI through strategic ad placement, optimisation, and continuous performance monitoring.

Website Hosting

Our WordPress website hosting service offers robust, secure hosting tailored for WordPress sites. We provide regular updates, speed optimisation, SSL certificates, and 24/7 support to ensure your site runs smoothly and securely.

Brand Development

As a digital agency, our brand development service is the initial step in establishing your business online. We focus on creating three distinct logos, choosing appropriate typography, and developing a cohesive colour scheme. This foundational work ensures your brand's identity is strongly represented, paving the way for effective web design and digital marketing.

Premium Theme vs Bespoke Websites

Our Surrey web design services include two distinct options: Premium Theme and Bespoke Websites. Premium themes offer a quicker, budget-friendly choice with some design limitations. At the same time, bespoke websites provide total creative freedom. Both options are built on a robust content management system using WordPress, which is suitable for all types of eCommerce sites.

Digital Strategy & SEO Service

Our web design company offers a comprehensive digital strategy, combining extensive SEO and PPC management knowledge. We maximise online visibility and drive targeted traffic, ensuring your website effectively reaches and engages the right audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a WordPress website cost to make?

The cost of creating a WordPress website hinges on multiple vital aspects. These encompass the proficiency and extensive knowledge of the WordPress agency, the intricacy of your bespoke website design, and input from UX experts to ensure a fantastic website with an optimal user experience. Additionally, your new website’s specific demands, market competition, and the precise needs of your target audience significantly influence the total investment for your WordPress venture.

Key factors impacting cost:

  • The number of pages needed for your website.
  • The style of your website compared to competitors reflects your unique brand identity.
  • The functionality and features of your website determine its complexity and user engagement capabilities.

Read: How much does a WordPress website cost to make?

Are your websites built for mobile devices?

All our websites are meticulously developed for mobile devices. In today’s fast-paced digital world, having a mobile-friendly website is not just crucial; it’s essential. This responsiveness is key for providing an optimal user experience, as a significant portion of web traffic now comes from mobile devices. Users expect seamless navigation and quick access to information, regardless of their device.

A mobile-friendly website meets these expectations, offering an interface that adapts fluidly to different screen sizes and orientations.

Moreover, search engines like Google prioritize mobile-friendly websites in their rankings. This means that having a responsive website directly impacts your visibility and search engine performance, making it a vital component of your online presence.

To achieve this, our web designers employ cutting-edge techniques and technologies. We start by adopting a mobile-first approach, where designing for smaller screens takes precedence. This ensures that the most critical elements of your website are accessible and functional on mobile devices. We use flexible layouts, scalable images, and adjustable content that reflows to fit various screen resolutions.

This way, we guarantee that your website looks great and performs flawlessly across all devices. Our commitment to responsive design enhances user experience and bolsters your website’s SEO, ensuring that your site is mobile-friendly and competitive in today’s digital landscape.

Can you help me with my WordPress website if someone else built it?

Certainly, we can assist with your WordPress website, even if another agency developed it. Our expertise extends to working with clients’ sites created by different developers. We fully understand the complexities of managing or enhancing websites we didn’t initially build.

If you have Admin access to your site, our team can smoothly integrate our support and development services with your current website setup. We handle the process sensitively, especially when dealing with websites connected to other agencies, and have experience coordinating with third parties to ensure a seamless transition or upgrade. This could involve tasks from simple tweaks to moving the website to a new hosting platform.

When should I choose a bespoke WordPress web design over a premium theme?

Choose a premium theme for a cost-effective, quick solution that doesn’t compromise on quality or functionality, ideal for small business owners wanting the best website quickly. For a more personalised touch, bespoke WordPress web design, crafted by UX experts, offers unique features tailored to your needs.

Although it requires a more significant investment, a custom build ensures a competitive edge, enhancing your online presence significantly.

Find out more: When Should I Choose A Bespoke WordPress Website Over Using A Premium Theme?

Do you offer search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Yes, we provide SEO-optimised services to enhance your online presence and deliver meaningful results. Our approach focuses on on-site optimisation, ensuring your website operates efficiently, and off-site strategies to boost organic search visibility. With our expertise in SEO-optimised strategies, we aim to position your website prominently on search engines, delivering meaningful results that help you achieve front-page status and drive success. Our dual focus on website functionality and external visibility ensures a comprehensive approach to SEO.

Making SEO Easy To Understand

Is WordPress still popular in 2024?

Yes, WordPress remains a popular choice for website development in 2024. It continues to be a leading platform for creating the best websites, offering a range of WordPress services that cater to diverse needs.

Its user-friendly interface, extensive customisation options, and strong community support keep it at the forefront for beginners and website development experts. This enduring popularity confirms WordPress as a versatile and reliable option for creating high-quality, effective websites in the current digital landscape.

What factors should I consider when selecting a leading WordPress development agency?

At Cude Design, content marketing is pivotal in SEO by creating high-quality, relevant content. This approach enhances visibility, engages the audience, and boosts search rankings. Through strategic keyword use and valuable information, our content marketing efforts drive organic traffic and build authority, which is essential for SEO effectiveness.

How does content marketing contribute to SEO success?

At Cude Design, content marketing is pivotal in SEO by creating high-quality, relevant content. This approach enhances visibility, engages the audience, and boosts search rankings. Through strategic keyword use and valuable information, our content marketing efforts drive organic traffic and build authority, which is essential for SEO effectiveness.

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